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 Opinion    January 10, 2015

St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry thankful for many who help

Thank you to all our volunteers, registrars, pantry workers, Houghton van and other local drivers, unloaders and substitute pantry workers who help the Ironwood St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry. Without your help and dedication to this... Full story

 Opinion    December 18, 2014

Time to understand real threat to wolves

To the Editor, Joe Allen, in his Letter to the Editor published Dec. 13, said he has been a trapper for 40-plus years. That qualifies him as an experienced trapper but not as an expert on predator/prey relationships. There is no data to support his c... Full story

 Opinion    December 13, 2014

MDNR wildlife chief not on right page with wolf threat to deer population

To the Editor: In regards to a Nov. 17 article which included comments from Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Chief Russ Mason, I feel his comments were a slap in the face to the intelligence of all hunters, trappers and sportsmen of... Full story

 Opinion    December 11, 2014

Immigration laws need to be strictly enforced

To the editor, An editorial from a Battle Creek newspaper several days ago that was published in the Daily Globe continued the same old tired line that we “can’t deport 10 million/15 million (pick the number du jour) illegal aliens,” which is... Full story

 Opinion    December 6, 2014

U.S. lagging other advanced nations on universal health care

To the Editor: Most advanced nations provide their citizens with universal health care, funded by their governments. With universal health care all citizens in a nation are able to receive health care, regardless of their family income. The U.S. is... Full story

 Opinion    December 4, 2014

Performers deserve praise for exciting HIT Idol show

To the Editor, To all of you who saw the Ironwood Theatre’s Idol competition Nov. 7-8, I’m sure you would agree with me that it was a wonderful, awesome, unbelievable production. To see this show that 70 devoted volunteers put on and the 45 youth... Full story

 Opinion    November 18, 2014

Search for peace creates struggle for veterans

Dear Editor, Listen to the wind in the willows. Listen to the murmur of voices long gone, but not forgotten. Way back in the summer of 1962, while in basic training for the U.S. Army, I made the mistake of firing “expert” with an M-1 rifle. The w... Full story

 Opinion    November 15, 2014

Michigan Harvest Campaign gives thanks

Dear Editor: Thank you to the Michigan State Police from Wakefield barracks, Super One and the National Honor Society students from A.D. Johnston High School in Bessemer for their donations and support during the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry in... Full story

 Opinion    November 13, 2014

November time to thank those fostering, adopting

Dear Editor, November is National Adoption Month. More than 3,000 children in the state of Michigan are in foster care waiting for permanent, loving families. Each year approximately 14,000 children are in foster care and approximately 3,000 of these... Full story

 Opinion    November 8, 2014

Wakefield casino needs to include employment for everyone

Dear Editor: Some years back I went to the casino in Ashland, Wis., to put in a job application for employment. On the application it said “preference given to Native Americans and are you Native American?” Since I’m not, I can assume my... Full story

 Opinion    November 4, 2014

Illegal immigrants shouldn't be welcomed, supported

Dear Editor, I am only a second generation American and am proud to say my grandparents emigrated here legally from Europe. They did not sneak into this country during the night like cockroaches emerging from their holes when the lights went out.... Full story

 Opinion    October 28, 2014

Cannon will protect medicare, not Benishek

To the Editor, Congressman Dan Benishek has resorted to the same old Republican fear tactics to scare voters into voting for him. Benishek’s latest campaign mailer, meant to intimidate Michigan voters, is called, “Let’s connect the dots” ...... Full story

 Opinion    October 28, 2014

Vote no on tax and spend policies

Dear Editor, Residents in the city of Ironwood and Ironwood Township are being asked to increase property taxes by supporting road millage requests. A recent article in the Daily Globe reported our local roads are in poor condition and in need of... Full story

 Opinion    October 25, 2014

Thanks to all who donate at local blood drives

Dear Editor: On behalf of the U.P. Regional Blood Center, thanks go out to Chris Hoff, of the Gogebic County Medical Care Facility, Jennifer Laitala, of the Ojibwa Correctional Facility, and Alicia Cook, at Aspirus Grand View, for hosting blood... Full story

 Opinion    October 25, 2014

Big thanks from the Ironwood Carnegie Library

Dear Editor: This week is National Friends of the Library Week. All of us at the Ironwood Carnegie Library offer our sincere appreciation to the members of our own Friends group. These amazing volunteers work tirelessly all year to provide our... Full story

 Opinion    October 25, 2014

Helen Sophie Wakevainen

MARENISCO, Mich. — Helen Sophie Wakevainen, 83, a longtime resident of Marenisco, passed away Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014. She was born on June 10, 1931, in Bessemer Township, a daughter of Donald Theodore and Elsie (Ruha) Wakevainen. Helen graduated... Full story

 Opinion    October 22, 2014

Mentors lessons shape lives

Dear Editor, Every day I teach, direct, role-model and coach. I can only say I do this because of the mentors I had growing up in Ironwood. I am now a mentor on so many levels. I’m always using the tools, lessons and advice that my teachers used... Full story

 Opinion    October 22, 2014

Time to pass "English only" law

Dear Editor, The first step in securing our borders is to take down the welcome signs in places that advertise in English and Spanish. It’s like a welcome to America if you can sneak across the border successfully. The next thing is to take away... Full story

 Opinion    October 22, 2014

Gogebic County Fair rides problem every year

Dear Editor, Our Gogebic County Fair this year, was really a wonderful time, all but the rides. Every year they seem to get worse. Yes, they told the board that AM only a few rides this year, “Thank goodness for us.” But every year only a few... Full story

 Opinion    October 18, 2014

Reclamation plans not next logical step

To the Editor: The Iron County Mining Impact Committee asked for the public and students to submit reclamation plans for the proposed G-Tac mine. No public comment is allowed, but some plans will be chosen and the committee will ask the authors quest... Full story

 Opinion    October 18, 2014

Beautification of Ironwood takes a hit

To the Editor: The other day I was shaking my head in dismay when I read an article in the Daily Globe about the destruction of one of the women’s bathrooms at Depot Park in Ironwood. After all the hard work that has been put into beautifying and i... Full story

 Opinion    October 10, 2014

Wolves need compassion

Dear editor: I don’t know who Henry Beston was, or maybe is, but he said, “Animals are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations caught with us in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners in the splendor and travail of... Full story

 Opinion    September 27, 2014

Obamacare affront to God

To the editor: At the onset, Obamacare was an evident affront to God and to His people. It was signed into law on Christmas Eve. Well, this is a test of who reigns: God’s law or man’s law? Man has always been trying to rule, but we do know who... Full story

 Opinion    September 25, 2014

Weather changes come with territory

Dear Editor, A windblown dandelion seed a token, that some promises were kept and some promises were broken. Time has less light as night approaches. Autumn on the moon encroaches. An empty husk a symbol of departed life and the sure sweet absence... Full story

 Opinion    September 15, 2014

Affordable Care Act doing many good things

To the editor, It’s telling that Republicans feel they must distort the facts about the Affordable Care Act, calling it “Obamacare” and making up stories of fictional “death panels” and “rationing boards.” It appears Republicans are... Full story


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