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 Opinion    July 22, 2015

Congratulations to GCC Board of Trustees

To the Editor: Congratulations to the Gogebic Community College Board of Trustees for the renovation of the Lindquist Center. The updated facility reflects the college’s commitment to a vibrant future for the college, its students and its community... Full story

 Opinion    July 21, 2015

Opportunity missed to draw tourists

Letter to the Editor: I believe Ironwood is missing out on an opportunity to draw and hold a category of tourists. That category is RVers. Ironwood’s RV park is Curry Park in front of the fair grounds. It has a very large portion that has no... Full story

 Opinion    July 11, 2015

Declining bird populations sobering sign

Letter to the Editor: Wow. Loosely quoting from an article in the Globe written by Ryan Brady of the Wisconsin DNR, more than 400 species of birds have been recorded in Wisconsin, and one in three Wisconsin adults say they watch and identify birds... Full story

 Opinion    July 8, 2015

Court decision erodes sovereignty of states

Letter to the Editor: I am a literate fellow who has a copy of the Constitution of the United States and have recently read it from front to back several times. Nowhere in our Constitution does the word marriage appear. I am utterly dismayed at the... Full story

 Opinion    July 7, 2015

Why do people purposely hurt or kill animals?

Letter to the Editor: I have often wondered over the years why people purposely hurt or kill animals. For example, the moron who drove off U.S. 51 onto the shoulder by the Gile Flowage to drive through and kill a family of geese. Those same two... Full story

 Opinion    July 3, 2015

Mercer community deserves digital sign

To the Editor: I would like to clear up some confusion about the proposed digital sign for the Mercer community. I believe most are not aware of how this project developed. The Mercer School has had a strong desire for the past couple of years to... Full story

 Opinion    June 12, 2015

Thank you to United States Postal Service

Letter to the editor: Thank you to the United States Postal Service members who collected donations for “Stamp Out Hunger” campaign in the Ironwood area. Your efforts have helped fill our pantry shelves. Because of your work, we can better serve... Full story

 Opinion    June 9, 2015

'Way We Worked' was a wonderful experience

To the Editor: My husband, Rick, and I literally stumbled on a great event — “The Way We Worked: The Gogebic Range” — by accident on Friday, May 29, by finding a newspaper supplement at the Washburn Historical Museum. Taking it back to our... Full story

 Opinion    June 6, 2015

Why shouldn't we consider a three-district program?

Letter to the editor: Most people my age remember stories of parents or relatives when football teams from Marquette, Superior, Iron Mountain and others played the teams from the Iron Range in the 1920s and into the 1990s. They and we kept an eye on... Full story

 Opinion    May 27, 2015

County board ignores facts about wolves

The Gogebic County Board of Commissioners has chosen to ignore facts by passing two resolutions within the past four months, containing false statements about wolves. Both resolutions state, “The overpopulation of wolves is threatening the... Full story

 Opinion    May 16, 2015

Teachers, students make fantastic school year a reality

As the 2014-’15 school year draws to a close, I want to express my appreciation for the commitment of the people in Bessemer as a whole, in making another fantastic school year a reality. I want to personally thank our incredible parents and the... Full story

 Opinion    March 28, 2015

Fundraiser crucial for Memorial Building

To the Editor: The Iron County Memorial Building Restoration Committee thanks the community for its support of the fundraiser held Sunday, March 22, for the purchase of new tables for the building. The tables are on order and will arrive for the... Full story

 Opinion    March 28, 2015

Globe's coverage of Olympus was helpful

To the Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent coverage of the Ironwood Snowmobile Olympus. We had a terrific year and we spent a lot of time thanking our sponsors and volunteers, who make it all possible. I am... Full story

 Opinion    March 18, 2015

Dog park unnecessary if owners are responsible

To the Editor: I understand that there is an interest in having a dog park in Ironwood. Who is going to clean up after the dogs? The whole Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin is a dog park. Every day, we walk our little Pekingese at least eight... Full story

 Opinion    March 6, 2015

Record collecting is more than just a hobby

To the Editor: For the masses, phonograph records are no longer vogue, but this writer, and I am quite sure of a certain amount of others, will not give up on them until there are no more machines to play them on. LPs, 78 RPMS, 45 RPMs: I have an... Full story

 Opinion    March 5, 2015

Plea to elected officials: Just do your job

To the Editor: Every elected member of congress, all representatives and senators, asked the electors of this country for their individual job. They made promises, spent millions of dollars and large amounts of time to convince us they were prepared... Full story

 Opinion    March 4, 2015

Mining in Penokee Hills was artificially inflated

To the Editor: Gogebic Taconite closed its doors, it says because of the abundance of wetlands and fear of the EPA. Throughout the past four years other culprits blamed have been oppressive state laws and local zoning ordinances, the DNR,... Full story

 Opinion    February 24, 2015

G-Tac doesn't deserve lease extension

To the Editor: Since board members at the Meet the Candidates forum at the Hurley High School said they wouldn’t have signed the lease if they knew what was in it and Iron County Chairman Joe Pinardi said he was working to renegotiate the lease,... Full story

 Opinion    February 19, 2015

The time to act against Islamic terrorists is now

To the Editor: Islamic terrorism. 200 girls kidnapped into slavery; 30 people beheaded; 40 people burned alive; 20 people killed in France and Denmark. It doesn’t matter what group name is used, this animalistic behavior must be stopped. The... Full story

 Opinion    February 17, 2015

Government should act to improve quality of life

To the Editor: The federal government and our state governments need to enact legislation that will make our nation a better place for American citizens. Following are some of what must be done to make America a better place for American citizens.... Full story

 Opinion    February 13, 2015

There's a side of customer service most don't see

To the Editor: I felt compelled to offer the other side of the story when it comes to customer service. I have worked customer service for 25 years at the same company and I have seen a huge decline in the way customers treat workers in the public... Full story

 Opinion    February 12, 2015

Home is where the mine is

To the Editor: I am currently a 4th year student at Michigan Tech University and I’m focusing my engineering degree in Mining. On the same note, I’m proud to say that I grew up in Bessemer, Michigan and enjoy the outdoors of the U.P. as any... Full story

 Opinion    February 10, 2015

GTAC deal is a bad one for Iron County, residents

To the Editor: It would take pages to address the reasons Iron County should not agree to the lease option extension drafted January 23rd by GTAC’s lawyers. Here are a handful: 1. The lease is a bad deal for taxpayers. Iron County gets virtually... Full story

 Opinion    February 3, 2015

Congressman Benishek's 40-hour work week a scam

To the Editor: In his Jan. 9, 2015 “Benishek Bulletin,” Congressman Benishek announced he had sponsored the “Save American Workers Act” claiming it would “Restore the 40 hour work week.” Sounds good doesn’t it? But I wondered just how... Full story


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