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 Opinion    October 22, 2014 

Mentors lessons shape lives

Dear Editor, Every day I teach, direct, role-model and coach. I can only say I do this because of the mentors I had growing up in Ironwood. I am now a mentor on so many levels. I’m always using the tools, lessons and advice that my teachers used... Full story

 Opinion    October 22, 2014 

Time to pass "English only" law

Dear Editor, The first step in securing our borders is to take down the welcome signs in places that advertise in English and Spanish. It’s like a welcome to America if you can sneak across the border successfully. The next thing is to take away... Full story

 Opinion    October 22, 2014 

Gogebic County Fair rides problem every year

Dear Editor, Our Gogebic County Fair this year, was really a wonderful time, all but the rides. Every year they seem to get worse. Yes, they told the board that AM only a few rides this year, “Thank goodness for us.” But every year only a few... Full story

 Opinion    October 18, 2014

Reclamation plans not next logical step

To the Editor: The Iron County Mining Impact Committee asked for the public and students to submit reclamation plans for the proposed G-Tac mine. No public comment is allowed, but some plans will be chosen and the committee will ask the authors quest... Full story

 Opinion    October 18, 2014

Beautification of Ironwood takes a hit

To the Editor: The other day I was shaking my head in dismay when I read an article in the Daily Globe about the destruction of one of the women’s bathrooms at Depot Park in Ironwood. After all the hard work that has been put into beautifying and i... Full story

 Opinion    October 10, 2014

Wolves need compassion

Dear editor: I don’t know who Henry Beston was, or maybe is, but he said, “Animals are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations caught with us in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners in the splendor and travail of... Full story

 Opinion    September 25, 2014

Weather changes come with territory

Dear Editor, A windblown dandelion seed a token, that some promises were kept and some promises were broken. Time has less light as night approaches. Autumn on the moon encroaches. An empty husk a symbol of departed life and the sure sweet absence... Full story

 Opinion    September 5, 2014

Ironwood Township, Carnegie Library part ways

Dear Editor: It is with great sorrow that the board writes to inform your readers that the Charter Township of Ironwood has chosen to terminate library services with the Ironwood Carnegie Library for its residents. In previous years, the township... Full story

 Opinion    September 4, 2014

Grandparents influence valuable

Dear Editor, The future of our country rests with all our children and their upbringing, and a valuable part of their upbringing is the love and influence of grandparents. I have talked to a lot of grandparents lately (myself included) and I am... Full story

 Opinion    August 26, 2014

Robin William's passing highlights mental illness

Dear Editor, I want to put my two cents in in regards to our dear Robin Williams. I feel like I lost a friend, one who made me laugh, yet showed his serious side. I want to ask that no one uses the term “commit suicide” anymore. This term... Full story

 Opinion    August 22, 2014

Sometimes parents know best

Dear Editor: The Father’s Word will change lives. Scripture says, now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.” Why, you do not even know what will happen... Full story

 Opinion    August 11, 2014

Death penalty teaches wrong lesson

To the Editor, One of the first things all human beings experience is death. Most try to avoid death, unless the person is very old and finds that living is no longer a desirable experience. In the United States, if a person kills or attempts to... Full story

 Opinion    July 5, 2014

Community shines bright with B-47 Veterans Memorial dedication

To the editor: Pride reigns strong in our community once again. This was evident when the B-47 Veterans Memorial was dedicated on June 27, along with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the crash site on June 28. Family members of the deceased airmen,... Full story

 Opinion    April 24, 2014

Bond referendum a generational thing

To the Editor: Just as other Gogebic Range communities, Bessemer is made up of hardworking, strongly committed, churchgoing individuals who may not always see eye to eye. But when it comes to items of significance — items of importance which might... Full story

 Opinion    April 23, 2014

School district's needs must be addressed

To the Editor: When we researched moving to the Gogebic Range, one of the first things we did was look at the schools. Bessemer stood out because of the high-quality teachers, excellent educational opportunities and the outstanding community... Full story

 Opinion    April 19, 2014

Bessemer schools more than just buildings

To the Editor: Schools are the social, economic and cultural pillars of a small community. They are the place for town citizens to gather around our children for sporting events and music. The façade of the buildings are historic and a focal point... Full story

 Opinion    April 15, 2014

School knife attack prompts questions

To the Editor: The stabbings at the Murrysville, Pa., school which resulted in multiple victims has me wondering about a few things. Such as: Should the victims sue the manufacturer of the knife used? Do we need “knife control?” Should the feds... Full story

 By Anthony Stella    Opinion    April 14, 2014

County board cannot dictate by resolution

On April 9, Iron County Board Chairman Joseph Pinardi criticized Iron County Sheriff Tony Furyk for not following the board’s vote to “eject individuals occupying the harvest camp by any lawful means necessary.” By ordinance, individuals may... Full story

 Opinion    April 12, 2014

Iron County board should aim to change lease

To the Editor: At the citizens forum in Hurley a couple of weeks ago, Iron County Board members were filmed saying they don’t like public comment because they don’t want dirty laundry aired and stories in the newspaper. That’s why I was surpris... Full story

 Opinion    April 12, 2014

Theatre North's 'Forum' 'amazes'

It’s another successful play directed by Helen Fashbaugh: “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” at Theatre North. It amazes me how each performer seems born to the role. The scenery looks so authentic that one forgets one isn’t... Full story

 Opinion    April 12, 2014

Thanks to those who gave blood

A Mercer Lioness Club community blood drive was held Tuesday, April 8. There were 21 registered donors. A milestone donor award pin was given to Shirley Thomas for two gallons. Mercer Lioness members are grateful for the donors and the volunteers... Full story

 Opinion    March 31, 2014

Concerns about courthouse raises

To the Editor: I am writing in response to the March 27 article that reported on the Gogebic County Board of Commissioners action to increase the salary of elected and appointed County officials by $750. The increase amounts to $.50 per hour when... Full story

 Opinion    March 31, 2014

Poll run by Republicans

To the Editor: Regarding your headline and news story in the Saturday, March 22, edition: “Poll: 81 percent of Iron County supports mine.” Really? A poll done by a partisan Republican strategy group? Seeing as the Republicans in the Wisconsin... Full story

 Opinion    March 24, 2014

McGrath runs for county board

To the Editor: Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion in the upcoming Iron County Board of Supervisors election. Although this is my first time running for any public office, as a concerned citizen of Iron County and a Hurley resident for... Full story

 Opinion    March 24, 2014

Hitchhiking in 1980s brought adventure

To the Editor: To me, it was a no-brainer in the early 1980s to opt for hitchhiking. My 1970 vehicle was good for only 12 miles to the gallon, highway mileage. Previous bus rides to and from Detroit, with all their stops, had been done to more than... Full story


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