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 By Anthony Stella    Opinion    April 14, 2014

County board cannot dictate by resolution

On April 9, Iron County Board Chairman Joseph Pinardi criticized Iron County Sheriff Tony Furyk for not following the board’s vote to “eject individuals occupying the harvest camp by any lawful means necessary.” By ordinance, individuals may... Full story

 Opinion    April 12, 2014

Iron County board should aim to change lease

To the Editor: At the citizens forum in Hurley a couple of weeks ago, Iron County Board members were filmed saying they don’t like public comment because they don’t want dirty laundry aired and stories in the newspaper. That’s why I was surpris... Full story

 Opinion    April 12, 2014

Theatre North's 'Forum' 'amazes'

It’s another successful play directed by Helen Fashbaugh: “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” at Theatre North. It amazes me how each performer seems born to the role. The scenery looks so authentic that one forgets one isn’t... Full story

 Opinion    April 12, 2014

Thanks to those who gave blood

A Mercer Lioness Club community blood drive was held Tuesday, April 8. There were 21 registered donors. A milestone donor award pin was given to Shirley Thomas for two gallons. Mercer Lioness members are grateful for the donors and the volunteers... Full story

 Opinion    March 31, 2014

Concerns about courthouse raises

To the Editor: I am writing in response to the March 27 article that reported on the Gogebic County Board of Commissioners action to increase the salary of elected and appointed County officials by $750. The increase amounts to $.50 per hour when... Full story

 Opinion    March 31, 2014

Poll run by Republicans

To the Editor: Regarding your headline and news story in the Saturday, March 22, edition: “Poll: 81 percent of Iron County supports mine.” Really? A poll done by a partisan Republican strategy group? Seeing as the Republicans in the Wisconsin... Full story

 Opinion    March 24, 2014

McGrath runs for county board

To the Editor: Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion in the upcoming Iron County Board of Supervisors election. Although this is my first time running for any public office, as a concerned citizen of Iron County and a Hurley resident for... Full story

 Opinion    March 24, 2014

Hitchhiking in 1980s brought adventure

To the Editor: To me, it was a no-brainer in the early 1980s to opt for hitchhiking. My 1970 vehicle was good for only 12 miles to the gallon, highway mileage. Previous bus rides to and from Detroit, with all their stops, had been done to more than... Full story

 Opinion    March 24, 2014

Historian helps preserve Ironwood park, heritage

To the Editor: About 10 years ago, I was searching for people interested in putting up informational signs at historic mine shafts and headframes in Ironwood. I found people with this same goal when the Friends of the Miners Memorial Heritage Park... Full story

 Opinion    March 22, 2014

Vote in new Iron County Board members

To the Editor: Our Iron County Board overwhelmingly approves committee recommendations with little discussion of the full board. While it makes meetings quick and easy, some necessary questions are not being handled properly. The board admits to not... Full story

 Opinion    March 22, 2014

Sister-in-law's warmth, wit fondly remembered

To the Editor: My brother’s wife is enduring the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and he is suffering in his own way along with her. How he has managed his time as a caregiver is almost beyond comprehension. His patience, often tried,... Full story

 Opinion    March 21, 2014

Support school consolidation, not bond

To the Editor: I’m a member of the Bessemer Area School Board. I proudly support consolidation with the Wakefield-Marenisco School District. Consolidation means greater opportunity for all of our students. Many people want it. Bessemer’s school b... Full story

 Opinion    March 21, 2014

Bond referendum best choice for Bessemer

To the Editor: All of us in Bessemer are confident and proud that our schools rank among the region’s best. That’s quite a testament to the teachers and parents that make education such a high priority for our students. But the job of educating... Full story

 Opinion    March 7, 2014

Government 'ignoring' Constitution

To the Editor: America’s government, over 200 years now, has outlasted all others because it is based on the power of the individual through the voting system and the Constitution. The foundation serves us well when we adhere to it. Other... Full story

 Opinion    March 6, 2014

Ironwood Chamber director responds to Feb. 18 letter

To the Editor: This is in response to the letter to the editor published on Tuesday, Feb. 18, about the Ironwood Area Chamber of Commerce missing the Ironwood Snowmobile Olympus. The Ironwood Area Chamber of Commerce is proud of the Ironwood... Full story

 Opinion    March 5, 2014

US doesn't come out ahead on free trade agreements

To the Editor: In response to the Wisconsin State Journal editorial published in the Daily Globe on Feb. 21, regarding “Europe should drop cheesy demand.” It is not about mozzarella cheese curds, it is about socialistic globalization and one... Full story

 Opinion    March 5, 2014

Aging Unit director responds to Feb. 27 letter

To the Editor: In response to a letter to the editor dated Feb. 27: The meals provided by the Aging Unit of Iron County’s nutrition program are funded in part by Title III-C of the federal Older Americans Act. Since enactment in 1965, the Older... Full story

 Opinion    March 5, 2014

Kudos to Ironwood city crew, staff

To the Editor: I would like to thank the city crew and staff of the city of Ironwood for the good job they are doing with thawing frozen water lines and fighting the snow and ice. With our crazy snowstorms and freezing temperatures, it has been a... Full story

 Opinion    February 27, 2014

Meal program denial 'beyond comprehension'

To the Editor: I attended the Feb. 20 board meeting of the Aging Unit of Iron County. Speaking as one who was raised in Hurley and moved to Mercer, Wis., in 1957 — and worked closely with the Aging Unit years ago — I could not believe what I saw... Full story

 Opinion    February 19, 2014

Can airport set agreement with airline?

To the Editor: The Gogebic-Iron County Airport Board recommends Air Choice One, headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., over Great Lakes Airlines, which has also entered a bid, as the carrier for Ironwood under the Essential Air Service program. The board... Full story

 Opinion    February 19, 2014

Why should farmer pay for wolf damage?

To the Editor: I find it interesting that the state government spent in excess of $200,000 to protect a farmer’s cattle from wolves. According to a January 2014 Associated Press news article, said it made the estimate based on documents... Full story

 Opinion    February 17, 2014

Frigid weather prompts toasty memories

To the Editor: During the so-called “polar vortex” of December, and the continuing brutality of the current season, I am reminded of an old friend of mine, a member of one of the nations within our nation. He once told me that his people never... Full story

 Opinion    February 8, 2014

Past mines didn't disrupt fishing streams

To the Editor: We who have lived here all of our lives have seen the huge iron ore stockpiles freshly hauled up from underground waiting to be moved out by railcar bound for the smelters. Left behind to this day are the immense waste rock piles. Thes... Full story

 Opinion    February 8, 2014

Time to salute, thank veterans for service

To the Editor: The week of Feb. 9-15 is designated National Salute to Veterans Week. The employees and volunteers at the Oscar G. Johnson Veterans Affairs Medical Medical Center and the Ironwood VA Outpatient Clinic salute America’s heroes — the... Full story

 Opinion    February 1, 2014

Michigan's inaugural wolf hunt not justified

To the Editor: Last week Adam Bump, of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, claimed 17 of the 23 wolves killed during last fall’s wolf hunt happened in places within known territories of packs repeatedly attacking livestock or pets and... Full story


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