March 14, 2013 | Vol. 94, No. 61

Second, third grade Hurley students pen book

HURLEY — Second and third grade students in Kristin Kolesar’s class at the Hurley K-12 School are now authors, penning a book on the history of the Titanic.

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Cortney Ofstad/Daily Globe
Students in Kristin Kolesar’s second and third grade class toast sparkling apple and grape juice on the success of their book, “Journeys on the Titanic,” during a book signing for parents and grandparents on Wednesday at the Hurley K-12 School.

On Wednesday, students read and signed copies of the book, “Journeys on the Titanic,” for parents and grandparents at the school to celebrate it being published.

The book consists of fictional stories each student wrote about a passenger on the ship.

The stories highlight the passengers’ trips from Southampton, England, to New York in April 1912. Each student also drew illustrations.

“Each story was a fictional character th...