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High school laptop program benefits students


To the Editor:

From the perspective of a hard-working college student, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to use laptops in high school.

Experiencing the use of technology at an early age puts students one step ahead of others who don’t have the opportunity of using laptops. Not only do students gain knowledge of Microsoft programs that will be useful as college students or future employees, but laptops also provide the newest software systems in education.

Many times in college, students will struggle when they’re asked to complete an assignment using Microsoft programs, but for Hurley High School’s students, this won’t be a problem.

Some parents believe that laptops give easy access to inappropriate websites and can cause students to get distracted easily, but with the advancement of Hurley’s Internet blocking systems, it is nearly impossible to enter those websites.

The laptops are programmed so students can only focus on homework, research and email.

Parents and members of the community may also be very apprehensive about students having to take responsibility for $1,000 laptops, but as a student, they made me become more responsible because I had to care for an expensive laptop that was handed to me as a privilege.

By the time students in grade school reach the college academic level, laptops will become a necessity. Each college course at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse that I have taken required use of a laptop, but with background knowledge, it was never a struggle for me because I had already adapted to the new learning style and programs.

The students of Hurley High School have been given a phenomenal opportunity to better their education with the use of laptops.

Not only will it improve their use of technology, but it also gives them a closer look at what their future holds as an employee.

Caitlin Maki



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