March 18, 2013 | Vol. 94, No. 65

Little Finland hosts annual St. Urho's Day dance

KIMBALL, Wis. — Local Finlanders, and non-Finnish people alike, gathered at Little Finland on Sunday for the annual dance dedicated to St. Urho’s Day.

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Cortney Ofstad/Daily Globe
Dancers polka their way around the room during the annual St. Urho’s Day Dance at Little Finland in Kimball, Wis., Sunday.

St. Urho’s Day takes place on March 16 and is a Finnish holiday. The legend of St. Urho says that he chased grasshoppers out of ancient Finland to save the grape crop and the jobs of the Finnish vineyard workers.

Each year, people wear purple to celebrate his day.

At Little Finland, the annual dance has been taking place for many years, but as to how many years, people aren’t so sure.

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