Keep protecting traditional marriage


To the Editor:

The homosexuals’ continual tout in quest for “marriage” is fairness and equality. It sounds good.

Most people don’t think beyond that. If we listen to the media: Someone wants something, they should have it. Not so.

Maybe we can blame the confusion of today on illiteracy in the U.S. I contend we have many reasons explaining the lack of common sense and present apathy. This state of inertia causes us to grab onto our solid roots. We have some.

Marriage is defined as a legal contract between a man and a woman only — the relationship as husband and wife which procreates and propagates a healthy family. This has been forever and ever. When God gives us a good thing we do not need to change it because the nation is blessed.

Supreme Court hearings are revisiting marriage. These same judges previously supported the Defense of Marriage Act.

The definition of “homosexual” is a person sexually attracted to another of the same sex. They are secure with legal benefits in civil union. Society does not need to address this issue any further. The nation is experiencing ramifications from adapting such laws. Schools are indoctrinating the children with these ideas rather than the basic education they need to make their own decisions in life.

The Bible is the No. 1 book, with true stories of people who were disciplined and nations cursed for not adhering to God’s laws. I believe we are under God’s curse, babies to be killed in the womb and out of the womb. Shame on us.

Grown ups are choosing to live lives of unnatural relationships. Statistics show them to be troubled, unsteady, riddled with disease, emotionally unstable, void of a wholesome intimate love and the inability to enjoy the awesomeness of procreating. My heart goes out to families entwined in the gay lifestyle. I would encourage them to pray and seek counseling to restore self-respect to these lost souls. We all need support, love and compassion. It takes perseverance and working together. That’s what families are for.

Everyone has the choice to commit to any gender and to live as she or he pleases with equal legal protection. Apparently, some of the homosexual group are the ones who are not accepting and intolerant by not respecting our nation’s values and moral laws. Let’s keep protecting traditional marriage. It has worked since time began.

Mary Calgaro



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