Bessemer ski resort hosts snowmobile races, hill climb


Cortney Ofstad/Daily Globe

Layne Stank, of Menominee, flies over a jump during the first ever Snowmobile Drag Race and Hill Climb on Sunday at Big Powderhorn Mountain in Bessemer.

BESSEMER — Drivers from all over the Midwest traveled to Bessemer over the weekend to participate in the first ever Snowmobile Drag Race and Hill Climb on Saturday and Sunday at Big Powderhorn Mountain.

According to Bruce Noren, general manager at Powderhorn, the weather was key in making the event successful.

“We had really great weather today (Sunday),” Noren said. “So that helped.”

The event is one of many snowmobile-themed events in the area, and according to Noren, each event is great for the entire community.

“With the Sno-cross event at Blackjack and the ice oval races, it’s nice to see snowmobile events coming back to the area,” Noren said. “With each of those events, participants are staying in the area and helping to boost the community. It’s nice to see us re-establishing ourselves as the snowmobile capital.”

Saturday featured snowmobiles traveling over 110 mph in the drag races, while Sunday showed drivers using different skills to maneuver up the face of the mountain.

The event may continue next year, if Mother Nature cooperates, Noren said.

“We’ll see how this plays out,” Noren said. “It’s nice to have these events because they utilize the hill in a different way. It’s a great way to have people come out on a spring day.”

If the weather does cooperate, the drags races and hill climb might only be the start to other snowmobile-featured events.

“We’ve been contacted about hosting a cross-country snowmobile event,” Noren said. “That hasn’t been finalized yet.”

As for this event, Noren was thankful to everyone for trying it out.

“We want to thank our competitors for participating, the spectators for coming out and everyone who just supported the event,” Noren said.

For more information on the event or Big Powderhorn Mountain, call Powderhorn at 906-932-4838, or visit