Fresh coat of paint


HURLEY — Big projects continue to be marked off the “to-do” list for the Iron County Memorial Building Restoration Committee.

According to volunteer Dorothy Walesewicz, the project started as a way to preserve a county landmark.

“I know that we’re not the only ones that didn’t want to see that building torn down,” Walesewicz said. “We wanted to see that building still standing and operating.”

Many improvements came with paint and a brush.

“Paint can do wonders,” Walesewicz said.

Other projects included the chimney being repaired, bathroom remodeling, a new bar in the main hall, new windows, installing a tankless hot water heater and kitchen remodeling.

New lights were also included and carpeting and vinyl floors were installed in the north entrance.

Despite all of the projects that have been completed, there are still a few more left to do. The main focus will be on the outside of the building, including repairing the sidewalks, upgrading the outside surface of the building and painting.

The biggest project that still remains is new flooring for about $20,000 to install.

Bowling and fundraisers

Recently, the American Legion came to the Iron County Finance Committee for help in running the bowling alley in the basement of the Memorial Building. The county awarded the group $4,000 to continue operations this summer, however, according to Joe Walesewicz, a future decision will have to be made about keeping the bowling alley open.

“The upstairs of the building pays for itself with rentals, so we won’t close that,” he said. “However, we’re losing money on the bowling alley. Bowling is done, with many leagues shrinking or going away all together. Come this fall, if there is a lack of interest in bowling, we’ll decide on whether we’ll close the bowling alley.”

Another hurdle is continuing to raise funds for the restoration project. According to Dorothy Walesewicz, fundraisers are being planned for this spring and summer.

The first fundraiser will be April 16 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Iron Nugget. The meal will include a bowl of chili and a baked potato bar, with all of the fixings. The cost is $6 per person and tickets can be purchased from any committee member.

“All of the proceeds go to the restoration project,” Dorothy Walesewicz said.

For more information on the committee, the restoration project or the American Legion, contact Joe or Dorothy Walesewicz at 715-561-2459.


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