Wolf hunt would bring many benefits


To the Editor:

This is my view on the wolves in the western U.P. We have to take a look at who is the real enemy to the wolves in the U.P.

These pro-wolf groups think that stopping a management hunt for wolves is protecting the species, but in reality, these wolves are here because of the law-abiding sportsmen of the western U.P., not because of some activist living in Lansing who has never even seen a wolf.

People are tired of watching our deer, moose, elk and beaver populations disappear, as well as livestock. If the wolf does not get game status soon, he probably will become extinct here in the U.P. because the people that live here have had enough of this political nonsense that these pro-wolf groups are playing.

Any time you use public voting to manage wildlife populations, you no longer need wildlife biologists and wildlife suffers as a whole.

Benefits of a wolf hunt mean more conservation officers can be hired, and biologists, public acceptance of the wolf will begin to happen and the species as a whole will benefit.

I am not from Lansing, or Brooklyn, N.Y .; I am from wolf country, Marenisco. I release five or six wolves every year on my trap line, and know what these animals do and don’t do.

Joe Allen



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