April 12, 2013 | Vol. 94, No. 86

Lots of snow, few spring sports

Ironwood tried snowblowing the track at Longyear Field Monday.

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Jason Juno/Daily Globe
Lorenson Field in Ironwood won\'t be ready for games for some time.

“It didn’t really go too good,” Ironwood athletic director Gordy Erickson said. “It’s all thick, heavy and icy. We are at an absolute standstill.”

The WIAA softball regional tournament starts about a week early this year, May 16. That’s a month from Tuesday and the start of the season isn’t in sight.

With another snowstorm forecast to continue today on top of feet of hard-packed snow and ice, spring sports on the Gogebic Range may still be weeks away.

It’s not that it’s so unusual for snow to hit this area i...