Bigotry a question of tolerating opinions


To the Editor:

Accepting the truth does not make one a bigot. A bigot is one who does not tolerate the opinion of another.

You can tolerate opinions, but you do not have to tolerate immoral acts. It’s a self-evident truth that if you cannot lead a moral life while you are alive, you can not lead a moral life when you are dead.

If you had a perfect city with no immorality in it, what would happen if you allowed murderers, thieves, adulterers, fornicators, homosexuals, drunkards, etc., into your city? Would it not surely deteriorate as did Sodom, ancient Rome and the trailing United States of America?

It’s clear that immorality can not be tolerated by a moral land, nor a moral God.

Do you want immoral people to die without hope? Hope is offered to all of us in the documented accounts of God and his people, referred to as the Old and New Covenant teachings.

In order not to be a bigot, you must know and tolerate God’s opinion on all matters. Thus you must read his written word and teachings in their entirety.

If you accept his opinions and teachings, and do not tolerate immorality, then you are neither a bigot nor a heathen, and you have the hope of salvation.

Dave Stone



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