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Coffee popular with Finnish people worldwide


To the Editor:

In the very early 1950s when radio was still more prominent than television, I happened upon a quiz program beamed over the airwaves. To this day I cannot tell you the name of the broadcast, but I do remember the multiple choice question asked of a man as if it were yesterday.

The emcee asked, “Of these three nations, per capita, Switzerland, Finland or Columbia, which has the greatest number of coffee drinkers in the world?”

The man quickly responded “Switzerland.”

“No, I’m sorry, the answer is Finland,” the announcer said.

It must be a pretty safe assumption that on an expanded basis, people of Finnish descent regardless of country would be contributing to the per capita coffee consumption of the world. It must be in the genes.

In 1986, a family member passed away in southern Indiana. The funeral director apologized to our group, saying “I’m sorry, but we ran out of coffee. This is the only time in all my years here that this has happened!”

A recent discovery has indicated that males who drink six cups or more of coffee a day greatly reduce their probability of developing prostate problems. There are properties within the Finnish favorite, not caffeine, for regular or decaf work equally well. So bottoms up, my friend.

Donald Kleimola



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