Money should stay in country to fix economy


To the Editor:

The people in the White House elected and appointed seem to have money to burn. We borrow from China; we then give it to countries that hate us along with high-priced tanks and jet fighters.

I don’t think that a week goes by that I don’t get at least one or more organizations for veterans seeking donations to help our veterans. With the billions funneled out of this country, you would think that Washington would take care of our wounded, crippled warriors, physically as well as mentally. There is no reason why we can’t or don’t.

America’s best are sent to warring countries that have lived this way for hundreds of years and really don’t want our presence or to become a democracy. After all, we are a republic, not a democracy.

Keep our hard-earned dollars here at home and fix this messed up economy.

Lastly, a country that turns its nose at what is good, decent and moral and tries to remove God is without a doubt set up for ultimate failure.

Lynn D. Austin