April 17, 2013 | Vol. 94, No. 90

Pallin wraps up second season as snocross pro

IRONWOOD — Professional snocross racer Kyle Pallin of Ironwood recently celebrated his 22nd birthday — in Sweden.

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Pat Krause/Daily Globe photo
Professional snocross racer Kyle Pallin of Ironwood, left, raced in Sweden recently. Pallin’s friend and fellow racer, Johan Lidman, of Sweden, is at right.

It wasn’t that Pallin has become a jet-setter flying all over the world. After finishing his second season as a pro in the Amsoil Championship Snocross Series, he was invited by a Swedish friend, Mats Lauger, to culminate his season with four races in Sweden.

Lauger had raced on the American circuit and he and Pallin became friends during the 2011-12 racing season. Lauger set Pallin up for the races in Sweden and even found him a Polaris snowmobile, which was the kind he...