April 23, 2013 | Vol. 94, No. 95

Seasons clash

There’s a hint of spring in the forecast, just not early in the week.

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Gary Jackson photo
JOSHUA HEGMAN catches Lake Superior waves on his surfboard at Little Girl’s Point, north of Ironwood, on Saturday.

The National Weather Service was predicting an 80 percent chance of up to 11 inches of snow today, with a high of only 37.

Warmer weather’s predicted for Friday, with a high of around 50, and Sunday’s high will be around 66, with a chance of thunderstorms. The following Monday’s high is forecast to dip to 46, however.

Recreational trolling boats were able to get out onto Lake Superior out of Saxon Harbor over the weekend, although there was still quite a bit of floating ice to dodge in the marina.

A surfer even hi...