Investing in positive growth ensures quality schools


To the Editor:

Our schools represent the future of our communities. It’s there that we are training tomorrow’s civic leaders, business people, teachers and other vital public servants. Year after year, the Bessemer Area Schools continue to be awarded as one of the highest-ranked school districts in the state.

However, over the years, our facilities at Bessemer Area Schools have deteriorated with aging and inefficient heating and ventilating systems that are becoming too expensive to repair. Leaky roofs and windows are wasting energy and money. We need facilities to match our academic achievements.

Next month, we have a chance to bring Bessemer schools into the 21st century by voting for the school infrastructure bond referendum. In addition to making needed upgrades, we can add a new information technology network and computers. We will remove asbestos and lead that threatens our children’s health and create security systems to protect our kids, staff and property.

Along with that, we’re guaranteed to save $1.3 million in energy costs in the operational budget over the next 25 years.

We want our children to continue having quality schools that will adequately prepare them for work and college. That requires investing in positive growth. So that’s why we are voting yes to approve the school infrastructure bond referendum on Tuesday, May 7.

Renee Annear

The Committee of Citizens for Better Bessemer Schools


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