Going into debt insures future


To the Editor:

There is a cost in doing nothing. We must all realize that as time goes by, all things need updating and repair. What is being proposed for the Bessemer Area Schools will put both our buildings and our students into the 21st century. Is there any good reason to not give our students every advantage others have in this country?

Our grandparents and parents paid for our schooling along with buildings. Now it’s our turn to leave the school community in good shape for our present and future students.

I would now like to talk about what I call “the 6 million dollar mentality.” It seems that those who are in opposition to the millage talk as if the whole 6 million is on their back. What you are concerned with is the amount listed on your summer tax statement under “school debt.” This amount will increase by 3.5 mills. That is all your taxes will go up — a small price to pay for excellent education. No one from outside the school community is going to fix these problems.

We are a nation of debt, from the federal government to our personal household. We go into debt to insure our future. How many people do you know that can purchase anything of substance without going to the bank?

Remember my opening statement? There is a cost in doing nothing. This could very soon mean the cost of education as we now know it in the Bessemer school community. Updating our schools will insure that we will have a school building in our community for the next 35 years.

Next year will mark 130 years the existence of the area and the school community. Let’s extend it for another 35 years.

Will the silent majority please step up?

Dick Matrella



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