Drivers must be considerate in bad weather


To the Editor:

Friday, April 19, was the worst blizzard and weather conditions that we’ve had this winter. It wasn’t very smart of us to be on the roads, but we had a function to go to and didn’t want to miss it.

We are appalled by the number of irresponsible people that drive too fast for such dangerous conditions. It was almost a total whiteout and the roads were very, very slippery.

A truck went by us so fast that we had total whiteout for a quarter mile and we had just enough time to miss an accident that had just happened. We pulled over and called 911 and then parked in a driveway and used the flashlight to flag down the traffic. It was a flatbed truck and car accident. The back of the truck was sticking out into the coming traffic. We then checked on the accident victims to find out what we could do.

The point of this whole story is why can’t people show respect and consideration toward other drivers and not be so careless? Whatever happened to love thy neighbor? Or perhaps, we should think of it this way — be considerate and careful of the other travelers; then we’ll all be able to see the lights of home and be less stressed out when we arrive.

Edie Jablonic



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