May 6, 2013 | Vol. 94, No. 106

Glimpse of 1960s fallout shelter on view in Wisconsin

NEENAH, Wis. (AP) — When Ken Zwick and Carol Hollar-Zwick bought their Neenah home in 1999, they knew the backyard contained an underground fallout shelter built during the height of the Cold War.

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Associated Press
In this undated photo provided by the Zwick family, Carol Hollar-Zwick, left, and her son show a box of supplies found in an underground fallout shelter in the back yard of their Neenah, Wis. home.

What they didn’t know — and wouldn’t discover until they ventured into the shelter more than a decade later — was the bunker was fully stocked with food and survival supplies from 1960 by the previous homeowner.

“We assumed it was just this empty space,” Hollar-Zwick said.

When the Zwicks unlocked the heavy, metal hatch, they found watertight Army surplus boxes floating in 5 feet of...