May 7, 2013 | Vol. 94, No. 107

Weather nice, fields not for track invites

The Jack Kraemer Invitational was moved from late April to early May because it always seemed to be postponed because of the weather.

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Jason Juno/Daily Globe
The shot put area outside of Longyear Field in Ironwood wasn\'t ready for use Monday.

Monday was Kraemer day in Ironwood when track-and-field teams from across the region come to compete in what is usually the biggest meet of the year locally.

And the weather was great with temperatures in the 60s; the sun was even out.

Too bad the field event areas at Longyear Field in Ironwood were covered with snow, like the shot put. The track had puddles and plenty of snow, too.

The Kraemer won’t be made up, athletic director Gordy Erickson said. Itâ...