May 9, 2013 | Vol. 94, No. 109

Military review held in Ironwood

Pat Krause/Daily Globe photo
The 82nd annual Red Devil Battalion Military Review was held in the John Krznarich Gym in Ironwood on Wednesday. The cadets and companies competed in drills and cadets were presented with awards for outstanding performance. The battalion also underwent a change of command. The Battalion Commander is chosen by a selection committee that determines he or she has the most potential to lead the battalion during the next school year. It is the highest honor that the Red Devil Battalion can bestow on a cadet. The Battalion Commander for 2013-14 is Tyler Saari, who is pictured at left with LTC Dave Manki, senior Army ROTC instructor. “It’s fantastic,” Saari said. “I am now the motivator and leader the students can follow.”