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School consolidation should include Ironwood


To the Editor:

On Monday, the Daily Globe printed an excellent letter to the editor by Mike Korpela.

However, Korpela missed one point. It’s very well-written and makes sense, except for again omitting Ironwood from consolidation plans. I moved to Bessemer 31 years ago and love it here, but am appalled at the animosity toward Ironwood.

I used to attend school board meetings and in 1991 it was the same sentiment before that bond proposal. As they put it, “We were in talks with consolidating with Wakefield, but then Ironwood had to stick their nose in it.” They continue to paint Ironwood as the evil empire.

When all three schools combined graduate less than 100 seniors it’s time to put civic pride aside and look at what’s best for the students and not what they perceive as what’s best for the community. They were afraid the town would lose its identity. Without consolidation, we have lost our two car dealerships, our two supermarkets, a drugstore, a hardware store and some good, civic-minded families who have relocated due to the stubbornness of some.

Strength is in numbers and until we get over the petty jealousies between the communities, progress in education and financing it will be derailed again. Likening it to consolidation in 1991, it was said back then that it would be impossible to plan a two-car funeral between these three towns, and I’m afraid it still holds true.

Bruce Jackson



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