No-parking area extended near mural


Ralph Ansami/Daily Globe

YELLOW NO-PARKING lines near the Miners Memorial Mural on McLeod Avenue were extended in action taken by the Ironwood City Commission on Monday.

IRONWOOD — A traffic order setting up a no-parking zone near the Miners Memorial Mural was approved by the Ironwood City Commission on Monday.

Since the mural was painted on the wall of the building last year, it has become a popular downtown attraction, often resulting in dozens of spectators stopping by and taking photos on any given day.

The traffic control order states there will be no parking on both the south and north sides of McLeod Avenue, beginning at Suffolk Street and extending 75 feet to the west.

The order, to be enforced by the Ironwood Public Safety Department, took effect with its passage on Monday by the city commission.

There had previously been yellow, no-parking zones extending for a car’s length on both sides of the street.

Ironwood Public Safety Department Director Andrew DiGiorgio said four parking spaces will be lost, but a city parking lot is located across the street.


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