Violence at mine disheartening


To the Editor:

Reading the recent news about the behavior of the protesters at the open pit mine site near Upson, Wis., was very disheartening.

These protesters should be ashamed of themselves. First off, look at the horrible example they set for young people. Threatening people and despicable, vulgar language are uncalled for. People for or against the mine have a right to their viewpoint, but violence and vulgarity are not the ways to demonstrate their views.

I am for this mine; I hope it comes to fruition.

To all you protesters who want a pristine environment: Do you drive or own cars, boats, travel by plane, drink water or other liquids out of plastic containers? Do you use plastic knives, forks, spoons, paper plates? Do you own televisions, radios, computers, cellphones? Do you have electricity in your home? Do you cut down trees, burn wood, gas, oil, burn your garbage? Almost everything we use pollutes our environment in some way.

The workers at the mine site are just trying to make a living, support their families and probably help others by giving to their church and/or charities.

There is enough violence and hatred in this world. Please don’t add to it. Respect your fellow man.

Joseph Kryzewski

Iron Belt, Wis.


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