Mine opponents should read law, realize potential


To the Editor:

I find it very curious that the anti-mining crowd present at the Iron County Comprehensive Planning/Land and Zoning Committee meeting Monday, July 1, mostly came from outside of Iron County.

If they are opposed to ferrous mining, they should work at keeping it out of their county. Why the big concern and interest in Iron County? It appears quite dubious to me.

Each speaker that stepped up to the podium had to identify himself and state where they were from. Many came from Ashland County, some from Washburn, Bayfield, Sawyer, and even some from Madison, Wis. All these areas are not pro-mining and presume to advise us on our mining issues.

The pro-mining people were almost 100 percent from Iron County. They spoke with facts that showed they had read the new law, Senate Bill 1, that would allow us to use our greatest and most abundant resource in Iron County.

The Iron County Board of Supervisors appointed a local mining impact committee in the summer of 2011. Many of these individuals have lived through the various mining bills, studied ferrous mining, testified at different hearings and even read the new law. It has also hired a well-qualified attorney to help write the ordinance.

My advice to citizens would be to read the new mining law to realize the potential we have awaiting our area and support it.

Mary Calgaro



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