Music man takes second turn at retirement


Katie Perttunen/Daily Globe

CLYDE GASPARICK inspects a guitar at Gasparick Music store as he and his wife, Sally, prepare to retire after 22 years in business serving local musicians.

IRONWOOD — Clyde and Sally Gasparick are closing their music service store, Gasparick Music, after 22 years in business in downtown Ironwood.

It’s a second retirement for Clyde, who retired from teaching in 1996.

Clyde moved to Ironwood from Bark River in 1966 to teach music in the Ironwood schools. He and his wife raised their five children in Ironwood.

In 1991, the Gasparicks saw a need in the community for a music store, so they went into business. Sally worked the store during the day, while Clyde continued teaching until 1996.

Their store served local musicians in three ways: Repairing instruments, providing music lessons and selling instruments, accessories and sheet music.

Musicians traveled to Ironwood to the store from Mercer, Mellen, across Gogebic County and southern Ontonagon County, Sally said.

“Overall, the slump in the economy was a big factor (in retiring from the music business),” Clyde said.

For Sally, the closure is “bittersweet.”

“We got to meet a lot of people and get involved with them,” Sally said. “We will still see them in the community, but it will be different.”

The Gasparicks plan to enjoy their home more, because as business owners, often they spent more time at the business than at home. They also look forward to traveling.

Down the road, the Gasparicks are certain another music store will pop up to provide services to local musicians and aspiring musicians.

“It’s like a person throwing a pebble into a lake; the ripples eventually go away and someone else starts again,” Clyde said.


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