Bessemer's recent projects 'thrilling' to see


To the Editor:

On a recent trip to Bessemer, my sister, Polly (Johnson) Friend, and I were thrilled to see some new things happening in “our” hometown. We just happened to catch the Discovery Channel showing of Terry Bradshaw’s “Today in America” which featured Bessemer. What great national coverage of the city.

We also learned that the Presbyterian Church (a beautiful building and our old church) would be given new life as an art studio and gallery. That will be a fine addition to all in the city and surrounding area.

The Ethnic Commons Project planned for Mary Street is another development under way. Mining boom towns are such a unique part of the local history, and what better way to preserve the history of the early pioneers who bravely traveled from around the world to settle in the western U.P.?

All of these community advancements are focused on community growth, family, economic development and historic preservation. Congratulations to the city of Bessemer and residents for developing such creative and sound projects.

When we attended A.D. Johnston High School, we would proudly sing the school spirit song: “Three cheers for Bessemer, for good old Bessemer.” These words still ring true today.

Kitty (Johnson) Fisher



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