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Prayer seems to protect believers' lives


To the Editor:

On March 27, 1977, in the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain, was the most tragic occurrence of all time in regard to airplane accidents.

Of a total 650 people, 582 were killed and 68 survived. One of the survivors, Norman Williams, of California, related that his mother prayed the 91st Psalm for his safety just prior to his departure.

Because of the heavy fog on the island, neither pilot was aware of the impending dilemma. One plane was taxiing in and the other was moving to become airborne when they collided. Williams said people were dying all around him, yet miraculously, he was spared.

In 1970, just prior to the Vatican’s issuing an edict, Catholic Charismatics would be able to continue their meetings only with the exclusion of non-Catholics.

Two nuns, Sister Ermina and Sister Edmund, were to go to a retreat in Wisconsin. This writer had a nagging thought of encouraging them to pray the 91st Psalm prior to their departure. They complied.

On the rain-slicked highway, their car went into an uncontrolled spin with other vehicles frantically darting to avoid collision. When their car came to rest in the safety of the road’s shoulder, immediately they recalled with gratitude the 91st Psalm.

Radical Islamics have been responsible for atrocious actions worldwide. The Twin Towers of New York City have been far most prominent, but could be dwarfed by what is ahead. It is said that something like a briefcase left by a terrorist could contain poisonous gas that would be capable of wiping out an entire city’s population.

However, I believe that God has provided a lifesaving prayer, the 91st Psalm. Scripture states, “Is anything too hard for God?” My belief is that a true believer, reciting this awesome Psalm on a daily basis, will be protected in any potential life-taking situation. Poisonous vapors would be no match for the Almighty’s invisible gas mask put into operation. Amen.

Donald Kleimola



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