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Obamacare: Freedom or tyranny?


To the Editor:

Does the White House really expect rational Americans to adhere to their pusillanimous, mean-spirited programs?

If a cabal of our servants consisting of senators, judges, attorneys, etc., came to your door and stated that you must buy this unworkable refrigerator from them, even if it is deleterious to you and the entire country, and if you don’t, you will face a fine and imprisonment, would you, under that duress, sign the contract?

That’s tantamount to what the greedy Washington types are perpetrating on Americans. They have gone so far as to exempt themselves from their disgraceful program known as Obamacare. Is that freedom or tyranny?

Webster defines tyranny as “unrestrained exercise of power; unmerciful rule.”

Don’t these Democrats, globalists, synergists, etc., know that only the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is omnipotent (all powerful)?

Three of the globalist goals are:

1. Collapse the currency by about 2018.

2. Eliminate patriotism.

3. Eliminate Christianity.

Is that why the “patriotic” tea party is such an immense stumbling block to those who believe that they can defeat God and escape his judgements?

Can anyone with an agenda to destroy this country from within be charged with subversion and/or treason?

David Stone



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