Globe offers 'emotional' Veterans Day tribute


To the Editor:

At one time, I criticized the Daily Globe for their use of the name of a place called America.

The name of America is generally followed by misinformation and is used extensively by undisciplined politicians and a few major news media groups who are well versed in manipulating the populace by pitting people against each other.

This method does work very well for their short-sighted concerns. My main gripe is that the name of America is being used in a disrespectful way toward the men and women who have served and those who are now serving in the United States military.

This year the Daily Globe gave me one of the most emotional Veterans Day tributes pointed to all U.S. service veterans (past, present, active, inactive) who serve(d) as peacekeepers of the world no matter where they are or have been. These veterans from all walks of life knew, right from day one in boot camp, that their lives belonged to the United States government.

The Daily Globe has made me feel that maybe in my lifetime the real United States and the real flag of the United States will come back to take their rightful places.

The articles presented were very well written and made a positive point. I thank Cortney Ofstad and the whole Daily Globe staff for allowing this print to come about, and to stand by the words printed on those pages. You people have shown integrity and righteousness as to what you printed on this Veterans Day appreciation issue.

For all of you who may not see my drift, I will say, very humbly I might add, is that the longest river in America is still the Amazon River and that the United States Supreme Court does not acknowledge, nor can it pinpoint, a country called America.

Robert Liuha



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