How did 'one-party system' come to exist?


To the Editor:

It was a long time ago that former Ironwood Township clerk George Hakala stopped by my Section 12 home.

After declining a cup of coffee, he got into his reason for stopping by. “Donald, your dad and two of your uncles have, at one time or another, served on the township board.” Looking into my eyes, he continued: “Would you consider running for the office of trustee? You would have a better than average chance of making it.”

Without hesitation, I inquired, “Could I run as an independent?”

He sternly stated, “No, it would have to be as Democrat.”

Cordially, I thanked him for considering me and said, “I’m sorry, but I’m not your man.”

How could this one-party system ever have come into existence? It’s beyond me.

Donald Kleimola



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