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Government 'ignoring' Constitution


To the Editor:

America’s government, over 200 years now, has outlasted all others because it is based on the power of the individual through the voting system and the Constitution. The foundation serves us well when we adhere to it.

Other countries have tried to bring America down to their level of life. Now we have tyranny within our federal government ignoring our Constitutional laws and the abuse of power with a new form of a lawless government.

We have fallen into the trap set before us in that of giving access of our personal everything with technology. Our responsibility of money, checkbooks, banks and relinquishing local duties in paying the educators to the legislative branch of the state capitols. All to the demise of the people’s power and control, lessening our voice in our life.

Lately, it is very apparent that the individual feels quite helpless with our own government doing its own thing, ignoring the people and the Constitution. The citizenry always has to be watchful of big government in an effort to keep our freedoms. The local government is now our best option (short of a divine intervention) for sustaining any resemblance of a “free” society.

There’s nothing new under the sun. Hitler’s takeover strategy was to educate one generation, and we are at the same crossroads as Germany was then. The access to our children is in peril right now with the federal control of education and the implementation of Common Core standards in our schools. It is unnecessary and carries indoctrination of moral consequences. Please do not allow this to happen. Just say “no.”

Mary Calgaro



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