Bessemer needs to upgrade schools


To the Editor:

The citizens of Bessemer, Ramsay and Bessemer Township are asked to vote on May 6 for a revised bond allowing the Bessemer Area School District to make necessary upgrades. These upgrades will allow our schools to become more energy efficient, secure and technologically sound.

In 2013, the citizens of Bessemer were asked to vote on a $6.9 million bond to allow our district to upgrade the schools. I went to the school board and town hall meetings. I met the engineers from Johnson Controls and was impressed. However, I could not vote yes for the bond because I felt very strongly that not enough formal effort was made towards consolidation.

On May 6, the citizens of Bessemer are asked to vote for a $4.9 million revised bond. Again, I attend school board meetings, read articles published in local newspapers and talked with Wakefield-Marenisco and Bessemer school board members. I feel confident that the topic of consolidation is being addressed with both districts, albeit a conservative approach.

The difference for me is in 2014, I am convinced that Bessemer needs to upgrade its schools. I will vote yes for the revised bond. By upgrading our schools we are ready for the next step. In my opinion it’s a well thought out plan for consolidation.

There are people in Bessemer who are pushing for consolidation to happen soon. These people are unwilling to put a name to their cause, unwilling to produce documents to support their claims, unwilling to share their “plan” and have refused many school board invitations to educate people. I would never entrust the future of my child, or yours, to a group who will not educate me.

I feel it is my responsibility as a parent and a citizen of Bessemer to support the upgrading of our schools so kids, your kids, will have the same experience as the many graduates who have already been educated by our school district. Please take the time to educate yourself. When you vote on May 6, make your decision based on educated facts and not gossip.

Theresa Turula



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