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'Doonesbury' writer takes 'convenient' sabbatical


To the Editor:

It is with interest that I noticed that a spokesman for the left in this country, Gary Trudeau, has taken a sabbatical. In his absence, his “comic” strip “Doonesbury” has been running strips titled “Doonesbury Classics” in the Daily Globe. They cover another period in our political life in which “crimes and misdemeanors” of the Nixon administration have been, and are, highlighted daily.

Has the left confronted their own crimes? They have not. If they are acknowledged at all it is to deny them with brief remarks to the press on late Friday afternoon to ensure their burial.

The administration has thwarted every effort to uncover any information related to the numerous scandals that have occurred during its tenure. To wit: Suppression of the vote by thugs, Benghazi and the murder of an ambassador and three other brave Americans, the Internal Revenue Service shutting down opposition voices (are you next?), the Department of Justice monitoring and tracking James Rosen of Fox News, Department of Justice monitoring the Associated Press’ phone records, Fast and Furious resulting in the death of Brian Terry, the Solyndra scandal, the bail-out of General Motors with a gift to the unions of a large piece of GM, etc., etc., etc.

How does Trudeau respond to these outrages? By reminding us of crimes committed 40 years ago — all which were thoroughly investigated and prosecuted.

How convenient.

Ronald A. Knief



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