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Thoughts outnumber spoken words


To the Editor:

More than likely, you have asked someone, or they of you, “A penny for your thoughts?” Trite as those words are, they stand on their own as being the greatest inducement to dialogue.

Unless brain-dead, thoughts vastly outnumber spoken words with most people, and if not born with a golden spoon, many fortunes are amassed by thoughts that won’t allow failure.

In the greatest-selling book of all time, the holy Bible, the beleaguered man, Job, confessed to God “I know that thou canst do everything, and that no thought can be withholden from thee.” Job 42:2, King James version. That statement cannot be attributed to any person, or indeed, Satan. If it isn’t spoken, the evil one will never know of it, for he cannot read your mind.

Once verbalized, the wicked one, the liar of liars, has the ability to foil your walk down the primrose path.

Donald Kleimola



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