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B-47 Crash Site Memorial service sends proper message


To the Editor:

Recently, my children and I attended an honorable remembrance of the B-47 Crash Site Memorial. At the service, I met some of the family members who came quite a distance to participate. I also felt honored to meet a few of the B-47 Crash Site committee members.

This unique experience had a positive influence on my kids, those who attended with our family, and on me. Having attended a number of veterans memorial events with my family, I know these events can often be very emotional. Yet, some memorials are sure to stand out in your mind, and the B-47 Crash Site would be in that category.

During the B-47 crash site memorial, those who served the U.S. military forces, especially those who lost their lives, were respectfully honored. To be sure, the event was supported by extensive historical research, creative site development, and a moving local musical presentation. Every aspect offered a respectful and comforting component.

Hurley community members, surrounded the visiting out-of-town participants with warmth and love, reminding me about the incredible place and people whom I call my neighbors in the Ironwood-Hurley community. I was happy I attended this moving and inspirational event. The recognition and closure given for priceless military sacrifice by those who lost their lives, near Hurley in 1961, was moving and significant.

Dorrene O’Donnell the Hurley Chamber Director, represented the Hurley Area Chamber of Commerce with a gracious and well-carried message; along with many volunteers who played a supporting role in the dedication. For all of those who sponsored the B-47 Crash Site with $20,000 in donations, you can feel proud of making an exceptional veterans memorial. The memorial and event were dignified at every level: locally, regionally and nationally.

Thanks again to those who created with their own dollars, time and passion, a remarkable memorial site.

For those who have not seen the B-47 memorial, it is a fine and historically accurate monument with a lot of heartfelt ingenuity poured into site development. The crash site is located close to Gile Flowage on trail 13 C near Hurley, Wisconsin. Hurley and the regional community, rallied around the family members, and the entire project provided a respectful and honorable tribute to the memory of those who have fallen in service.

Mara MacKay



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