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Bessemer Township's new fire engine saves day


Ian Minielly/Daily Globe

THE BESSEMER Township Board met Monday evening in Ramsay. The board, from left, Beverly Ikola, Debbie Janzak, and Jeff Randall discussed adding the new fire engine to the emergency plan based on its hurculean efforts to pump water to Indianhead when the pump station froze and the reception of nearly $300,000 from the DNR to revitalize the downtown park in Ramsay.


Bessemer TOWNSHIP — The Bessemer Township board met on Monday evening and Jeff Randall, Board Supervisor discussed how the new Firetruck saved the day for Indianhead prior to the Christmas surge of visitors.

Apparently the wind blew the door open at the Indianhead Pump station after it was inspected and the station froze solid Dec. 19. The township lent their workers to the Gogebic Range Water Authority to thaw the station while sending a team of volunteer firefighters and the new engine to the site.

The firetruck handled the pressure of the incoming water and pumped water up the hill to the resort, saving the day for all involved. Seeing how successful the new truck was with the task and how proficient and efficient the firefighters were at handling the mission, the truck and team were added to the emergency plan for future problems. The brand new truck is already earning high praise.

The board voted to make the eighth payment of nearly $31,000 on the Ramsay Sewer Project, which encompasses the replacement of the Eureka Plot Sewer, new manhole covers, and new fencing around the sewer lagoon that was recently completed.

The board voted to accept the Fair Housing Agenda and Excessive Force Ordinances required for adoption to meet future grant considerations and the entire Board of Review was renewed for a new two-year term, that will expire in December of 2018.

Randall also discussed the DNR Trust Grant the township received in the order of $295,000 to replenish the Ramsay Park. The Township is expected to match 25 percent of the costs, but they have been saving up for park enhancement. Currently the discussion on park improvement is repairing the upper and lower parking lots, replacement of the basketball and tennis courts, and the addition of a walking path that can marry up to the trail from Bessemer, possibly add some new playground equipment, and even improve the fireplace. Changes are coming.


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