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Approaching spring brings hope


To the Editor:

Planet Earth is situated in orbit around the sun in a crescent-shaped elliptical “green zone” that is tapered somewhat widely on one end and narrowly on the other. If too near the wide end, the planet would be too hot to support life as we know it; if too near the narrow end, much too cold to do so. The tilt of the earth’s axis and its annual circuit account for the change in seasons.

In the immensity of space, given the vast quantity of sun-like stars and probable earth-like planets, the odds of this happening are actually quite good. Still and all, humanity might wish to thank their lucky star, the sun, for such a confluence if near-miraculous coincidence.

Whether this is by cosmic design or divine intervention — or a bit of each — is a matter of personal decision or belief. Our home on this blue orb at such a fortuitous distance from the sun is nonetheless a thing of wonder, and should bring most of us to the edge of being somewhat humble, if even for a brief moment. It might at least cause one to pause in respect and appreciation of the workings of Mother Nature and Father Time.

The fact that Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox, and therefore varies in calendar placement, is also an interesting concept in terms of nature, time and space.

I look forward to relaxing on our little deck overlooking our even smaller patio, in the company of our old dog warming himself on the asphalt driveway, grateful to be able to consider such lofty yet simple matters. There will be the heavy humid scent of green things growing. The bird songs of spring will represent the original “tweet” and “twitter.” The empty seed pods of last autumn from whence life had flown will be reborn in the moist snowmelt soil, the wildflowers set to give us a parade of colors over the summer, and the apple blossoms and the lilacs about to bloom.

All of this heaven-sent rebirth in just one yard and garden shall proclaim that everything is well and good, at our special place by my river and the wood. Something wonderful is coming, another welcome northern spring. Happy Easter.

Thomas Ylsabeck



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