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Unconscionable to make immoral acts legal

To the Editor:

Apparently, Michigan and some other states may become more immoral. That is unless savvy people like yourself contact your elected servants at all levels and explain to them that with immorality comes consequences, deterioration and destruction. Immorality comes in many forms, from the taking of innocent life to self-gratification, homosexuality and even greed.

If you give someone permission to be immoral, doesn’t that make you an accomplice? You cannot morally make it legal to be immoral; that would be an immoral and unconscionable act in itself. Keep in mind that a country is only as strong as it is morals.

There is nothing in our founding documents giving anyone permission to terminate innocent life. A new image of God begins at successful fertilization. The genetic code then dictates what the developing entity will appear like. That is unless acted upon by some external force.

Trying to prevent the natural progression of that life is an immoral act. People everywhere must understand that this new life has an innate and God-given choice to stay alive and develop. Obviously, the new entity shares the mother’s body with her. That’s right, it’s no longer just her body. Furthermore, the baby is innocent and must not be penalized for what the parents may have done to initiate the process in the genetic code and the continuation of life.

When caring for the baby and mother, all must be done to preserve “both” lives. In rare cases, interested parties must rely on wisdom, mercy and understanding from the highest source before making a decision.

In view of the fact that some other countries outnumber us, do you think it wise to abort our babies?

Many people erroneously believe that the earth is overpopulated. If you do the math, you will discover that more than 7 billion people can fit into an area of less than 16 miles by 16 miles. You do this by giving everyone one square foot to stand upon.

You can conclude that abortionists have extremely little scientific or moral ground to stand on, especially when it’s your money being used to destroy life and country. To be effective, you must let your official servants know where you stand. If they hear from enough of you, they “must” make the correct moral decision.

Dave Stone