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AN ANNUAL tuberous begonia sits in full bloom in a backyard garden in Wakefield. This and many other flowers will be on display in eight different locations participating in the annual 46th Parallel Planters Garden Club Secret Garden Tour on July 18 in the Wakefield area. For more photos, see page 6.

WAKEFIELD — Attendees can find inspiration for their own gardens after touring eight locations in Wakefield during the annual 46th Parallel Planters Garden Club Secret Garden Tour on July 18.

The event runs from 5:30-7:30 p.m. and features “unique” features, according to club member Lynn Adams.

“We have three water features, an oriental bridge, a repurposed mine building, many decks, island beds, annual and perennials,” Adams said. “In this garden tour, there is something for everyone.”

Adams hopes that attendees will find inspiration for their own gardens.

“There might be something that you might see and say, ‘I can do that,’ or ask about a plant because it would look great in a certain location in your garden,” Adams said. “Even if you only find one thing that inspires you, it’s worth to a tour.”

This the first time that the tour is taking place in Wakefield. One gardener is “very excited” for people to come and see her garden.

“It’s hard work, but I love it,” the gardener said. “I love to watch things grown, so I try and plant unique things.”

Many of the gardens will have personal touches.

“I have a pond in my garden, and there is a special place for my son and my dog there,” the gardener said. “My husband has also helped me a great deal with the garden.”

The gardener recommends that people start gardens because it is “rewarding.”

“Just to see nature’s beauty is amazing,” the gardener said. “I also find it to be therapeutic.”

To see the gardens, interested attendees are asked to bring two non-perishable food items or other items to run a household to donate to St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry in Bessemer.

“We are accepting anything that can be used to run a household, including laundry detergent, toothbrushes and toothpaste, toilet paper, anything,” Adams said.

Participants are asked to meet in the parking lot at the Wakefield-Marenisco School on U.S. 2/Putnam Street in Wakefield to receive a tour map.

“Come and see what each garden has to offer,” Adams said. “It’s amazing how creative gardeners can be and to see what garden art and whimsy end up in a garden. Also make sure to stop and enjoy refreshments at the last garden on the tour.”

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