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Obamacare affront to God

To the editor:

At the onset, Obamacare was an evident affront to God and to His people. It was signed into law on Christmas Eve. Well, this is a test of who reigns: God’s law or man’s law? Man has always been trying to rule, but we do know who loves us more and wants the best for us. God has proven this over and over in His book, the Bible.

HIPPA is a fore-runner in an attempt to centralize information in a database. It deceives the general public by saying that your privacy would be protected. By getting the patient to sign a waiver, the patient’s rights and privacy are actually at risk for disclosure. We can and should choose not to sign the HIPPA form.

There are looming troubles for Obamacare which should raise a giant red flag to any red-blooded American. It is only perfectly logical to refuse to enroll in such a preposterous intrusion of personal liberty. The idea that a President of the Land of the Free would require, or force us, we, the people to subject our cherished lives and relinquish our rights into a ludicrous program that overrides our family doctors’ trusted care, along with our personal privacy disclosed to many, leading to personal decisions determined by uninvolved government entities is enough to want us to close our eyes to what the government prescribes for us: Ensuing doom.

The apparent fear tactics associated with Obamacare, coming impending raising of prices, reaching into the pockets of everyone to pay for killing our babies, (the very first time ever, forcing each and everyone of us to pay for abortions!)

But, no, we are government by the people and we have ideas of our own. We have at least three options. We can choose to educate and inform each other about alternatives while the Obamacare mess collapses because it is ethically wrong, so complicated and way too expensive. In the 1900s there were mutual aid societies based on thrift, integrity and charity which were more personal and less expensive. For health sharing info and help go to or contact Citizens’ Council for Health

Mary Calgaro


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