Ironwood students donate to HOPE


Cortney Ofstad/Daily Globe

SECOND GRADE students pet a cat named James, with help from Randy Kirchhoff, of HOPE Animal Shelter, on Friday at Luther L. Wright School in Ironwood. Students in the second grade and special education classes donated items to HOPE Animal Shelter, instead of exchanging Christmas gifts in the classroom.

IRONWOOD - Students at Luther L. Wright School in Ironwood used their Christmas spirit to help out some furry friends on Friday.

Students in Michelle Giackino, Michelle Trier, Tony Bunt and Rachel Boyd's second grade classes and Nicole Mesich's special education class donated numerous items to HOPE Animal Shelter.

"The students have done this for a number of years, so we just carried on the tradition," Giackino said.

The students gave donations to the shelter instead of exchanging gifts in the classroom. Because of the move to LLW, Mesich's class decided to join the effort.

"We had about 40 kids donate," Giackino said.

As a reward for their efforts, shelter director Randy Kirchhoff brought in some cats for the students to visit and play with.

"It's because of folks like you that we are able to do what we do," Kirchhoff said to the students.

Items donated included toys, leashes, water bowls, food, blankets, laundry soap and more.

"They went above and beyond," Mesich said. "They all did a great job."


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