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Congratulations to GCC Board of Trustees

To the Editor:

Congratulations to the Gogebic Community College Board of Trustees for the renovation of the Lindquist Center. The updated facility reflects the college’s commitment to a vibrant future for the college, its students and its community.

While there was no mention of the swimming pool in the Daily Globe article of July 11, I hope that future includes the beautiful, competitive pool that is a key feature of the Lindquist Center. The article does state that “the Lindquist Center was built in 1993 to provide opportunities for physical education programs, and social, cultural and recreational activities.” The pool is used for physical education programs through local schools, swim lessons, and the swim team. It hosts social events, promotes a culture of healthy living and provides recreation. It does all the Lindquist Center was built to do.

The citizens of our community have benefited greatly from the Lindquist Center pool. Since 1993, thousands of our area’s children have learned to swim there.

Because of Red Cross swim lessons and the Barracuda Swim Team, they now have the ability to save their own as well as someone else’s life because they can swim. The enthusiastic response whenever swim lessons are offered and the numbers of children on the swim team each year attest to the importance of the pool.

As a parent and an educator, I know first-hand the difference an asset such as the pool makes in the life of a child. Through their swimming, children learn discipline, motivation, teamwork, and self-esteem while building a healthy body and an active life. Few other area sports have 80 children involved for a six-month season.

It is not just our children who use and benefit from the pool. Over the years, hundreds if not thousands of adults have used the pool for lap swimming, water aerobics, rehabilitation, kayak classes and more.

In the July 11 article Lindquist Center Director Dorie Fornero said the floor of the gymnasium is being redone to show pride in our students and our community: “It’s not only investing in our athletics, it’s investing in our students and our community.” That pride of and investment in the community has always been a central element of Gogebic Community College’s mission. I hope they continue to demonstrate that mission through the pool.

Barbara Gibbons