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Vox Vidorra performs at Porkies

PORCUPINE MOUNTAINS - During the Porcupine Mountain Music Festival, Vox Vidorra wowed with audience with their passion for music.

Vox Vidorra, or voice of life, is a group of multi instrumentalists performing indie rock and soul music, fronted by Molly Bouwsma-Schultz.

Growing up, Bouwsma-Schultz said she had a hard life living with her single mom in Grand Rapids.

Bouwsma-Schultz was introduced to music at a young age and hasn't stopped pursuing her passion of singing and songwriting.

Together, Bouwsma-Schultz and her husband, Scott Schultz, formed the band in Grand Rapids because she said she wanted a way to express herself through original songwriting and music.

Joining Bouwsma-Schultz and Scott Schultz in the band are Theodore Ndawillie II and Ryan K. Wilson.

The band's influences include Aretha Franklin, Wynton Marsalis, Ray Charles, Radiohead, Earth Wind & Fire, Harry Nillson and Ella Fitzgerald.

Vox Vidorra's sound includes three-part harmonies and featuring every band member on a variety of instruments.

Back in Grand Rapids, they are known for their energetic, soulful live performances.

Together, they brought their talents with them to perform on Saturday at the Peace Hill Stage at the front the chalet at the Porkies' Winter Sports Complex. More than 300 festival goers gathered and applauded.

On stage, Bouwsma-Schultz expressed the emotions of the song through her singing and dance.

"I believe passion comes from the drive to deeply express whatever emotion the song might require," Bouwsma-Schultz said.

After each song, each band member played on different instruments

While they performed, several audience members were inspired by her passion and moved to the music.

"I get a lot of joy seeing people get into our music," Bouwsma-Schultz said.

Whether she's performing for a small group or a large audience, Bouwsma-Schultz said she puts her soul into every performance.

"I like to think that if I'm singing to one person who's really listening, then I should be performing with passion."

While at festival, Bouwsma-Schultz said she had a good time listening to other bands and talking to people.

"I think it's amazing," she said. "Everybody's so nice. There's good artists with a unique lineup. It's great to explore a different part of Michigan that I've never been to, and the whole band feels that way."