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Lopez column off-base on Planned Parenthood

To the Editor:

I would like to complain about the prevalence of the far right-wing opinions that you regularly publish in your opinion page, in particular Kathryn Lopez and her Catholic perspective.

For some reason she can’t get off the Planned Parenthood soapbox, even though it has been shown that the right-wing media has trumped up the allegations against it and has manipulated the videos and distorted the facts for their own political and religious purposes.

I never see a word in your paper about the 90 percent of Planned Parenthood’s money that goes towards non-abortion women’s health, health care that low income women wouldn’t receive without them, or the benefits and lives saved that research using stem cells and fetal tissue brings us.

Just once I would like to read in your opinion page about the tens of millions of people the Catholic Church has murdered, tortured, and sexually and psychologically abused over it’s nasty 2,000-year history, as well as the billions of dollars this so called church has spent to cover up those atrocities.

Brett Bockhop