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Please save the pool at the Gogebic Community College

To the Editor:

The College Board will very soon be making their decision whether or not to reopen the swimming pool located in the Lindquist Center at the college. To close it would be a huge loss to the area. Closing the pool will cost a large sum of money, also so, to fill in and re-purpose the area. The pool is used by a large number of people of all ages. That number could be a lot larger with proper marketing and with the pool being made available more hours to accommodate more of the public.

The pool was originally built for the surrounding community’s use. There is no other pool in our area that has the space and accommodations such as showers, a newly acquired lift chair for the handicapped, changing rooms with lockers, lifeguards on duty, etc.

The pool could provide a place where children can learn the life saving skill of swimming, beginning Kayak lessons could be offered, lifeguard training could be given to supply the area with certified lifeguards. It is the only area pool where swim meets can be held. There are many uses for our pool. People travel a large distance to come to Ironwood to use the pool. Each person who pays to use the pool for each time it is used.

Also every property owner pays a millage based on their property value for the expenses of the Gogebic Community College which includes the operation and maintenance of the pool. If the taxpayers are denied this beneficial health promoting activity maybe the taxpayers should vote NO on future millage requests.

We are asking the GCC board of Trustee members to vote to reopen the pool for at least one more year so that efforts can be made to acquire funding to help ensure the future operations of this beneficial asset to the entire community and surrounding communities.

We are also asking the public to please let the GCC board members know that you want the pool kept open while solutions can be found for the operation and maintenance of the pool. Time is short. The board will make its’ decision on the pool’s future at the Sept. 29 meeting. They say the public doesn’t care about the pool. They need to hear from you now.

Fran Kivi

Kimball, Wis.