Newspaper opinion pages offer a variety of different views


To the Editor:

In response to Brett Bockhop’s Letter to the Editor of Sept. 8 on Kathryn Lopez’s columns about Planned Parenthood, newspaper opinion pages are supposed to give different and varying opinions. The choice is up to the reader whether or not to indulge in the opinion of the writer. Cokie and Steve Roberts and Gene Lyons give views that differ from Lopez’s.

Generally, a learned person finds it beneficial to sift through a variety of views and form one’s own opinions, based on facts.

However, in regard to Bockhop’s comments that the Planned Parenthood videos were “trumped up, manipulated and distorted” is spewing Planned Parenthood’s talking points to protect its appalling behavior. A nation that supports an organization that sells babies, baby parts and jokes about it is rapidly sliding into decadent oblivion.

Charlene Newhouse

Hurley, Wis.


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