Montreal man charged with domestic violence



Hurley — The Iron County District Attorney has charged a Montreal, Wis., man with seven felony counts stemming from a Jan. 6 domestic dispute.

Phillip L. Laguna III, 32, is charged with first degree recklessly endangering safety, intentionally subjecting an individual at risk to abuse that causes great bodily harm, two counts of causing mental harm to a child, strangulation and suffocation, substantial battery and mistreatment of animals resulting in death.

The first four counts each carry potential maximum sentences of 12 years, six months in prison and/or a fine of up to $25,000; the strangulation charge carries a potential maximum sentence of six years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000; while the last two charges each carry potential maximum sentences of three years, six months in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

According to the criminal complaint against Laguna, Iron County Sheriff’s Department deputy Mike Randall was dispatched to an Illinois Avenue house at approximately 3:57 p.m., Jan. 6 in response to a report of a woman at a neighbor’s house asking for help.

Upon arriving at the house, Randall found the woman “crying and physically shaking.” When he asked what happened, she said “Phillip beat me,” according to the complaint, later adding he punched her and “stomped” on her stomach.

Randall saw she was bending over in pain and her left eye and hand were swollen.

She was transported to Aspirus Ironwood, where she gave an additional statement to ICSD deputy Eric Snow.

In this second interview, according to the complaint, the victim said the argument began when Laguna was upset when she returned from work that morning with only $10. She said he needed money for cigarettes and gas. She said he kicked and punched her, as well as strangled her.

According to the complaint, she feared for her life and fled the house as soon as she could.

During the interview, she also said that Laguna had allegedly killed her dog in the beginning of December.

The victim was later transported to Aspirus Wausau Hospital’s critical care unit, due to her injuries — which included a fractured rib and lacerated spleen.

She was interviewed again in Wausau, according to the complaint, this time by Iron County Sheriff Tony Furyk and Undersheriff Donna Klawitter. She again told them Laguna had thrown her to the ground and choked her so she couldn’t breathe.

According to the complaint, she said their children came home and he made them stay outside while he allegedly continued to attack her.

An initial appearance in the case is scheduled for Feb. 9.


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