Floydian Slip rocks HIT Saturday


Ian Minielly/Daily Globe

FLOYDIAN SLIP, playing the Historic Ironwood Theatre Saturday night in Ironwood. The band, from left to right with Jeff Kriner on Drums in the back are, Scott McCafferty-bassist, Olaf Kirsten-guitar, and Andy Noyes-guitar. The band played a handful of covers from the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd, but played mostly band originals.



Ironwood - The stage Saturday was bathed in a tie dye glow of seventies era guitar riffs and sounds with modern instrumentation and lighting. Floydian Slip, a band from the Southshore that patterns itself after the Grateful Dead, with mixtures of blues, Reggae, rock, and improvisation.

The band opened Saturday night with the Olaf Kirsten singing the first couple of songs in his higher pitched voice, before handing the mic to their bassist, Scott McCafferty to sing about this time he was on the beach. Interestingly, the song could have been about a girl he saw or just the wonders of nature, either way, the vocal transition offered a change of pace for the audience and the band.

Andy Noyes, the guitarist began the next song and its opening music sounded almost Lynyrd Skynyrd or Jefferson Airplane-like, before sideswiping a more punctual Texas sound with his more powerful voice. The three alternated singing the rest of the evening, but Noyes voice and guitar made the show whenever he took the microphone.

With a name like Floydian Slip, there is equal parts of expectation for the band to play Pink Floyd covers as well as insert a sexually charged misspoken word or two. On both counts, the band did not fail to come through. At the halfway mark of their set they began with Floyd's "Breathe" and sampled a few other songs before taking a break. Kirsten's voice melded well with the sound of Pink Floyd's rhythm.

The audience moved with the music and appeared to enjoy the show and its old school sounds.


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